Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Mom of 3

K so how do people do this without LOTS of help? Nothing is getting done people! House is falling apart. I just made my first grocery trip since having Jack almost 4 weeks ago and I did it at 1 AM because the idea of taking the 3 of my chillins out makes my brain melt. I wonder how long until I get used to this... or if I ever will. I will say though that I have the best kids ever and I am sooo blessed that I get to be their mom. I feel like I don't deserve such great kids! My little Juju especially melts my heart every day. I really love kids at this age (18months-2yrs) - it's my favorite that I've experienced so far.

Max NEVER stops talking and it drives me bananas most of the time but he is so clever & creative & sweet (when he wants to be). Love this wacky kid.

Oh and my little Jack-Jack... Really he could not be more perfect. I could kiss him all day long!! Just looking at this picture makes me wanna run upstairs & plant one on his cheek!

All in all, I love being a mom of 3... just think it will take a little getting used to. Mostly, I think I need to lower my expectations a bit for how my house should look, how I wish I could look & how many things I can do in general. Some of you moms do it so well and make it look so easy! Send a few tips my way would ya? :)


JDJ Family said...

You are doing great!! Being a mom is the most rewarding, frustrating, draining, wonderful job in the world.

Ashlee said...

yah, you're awesome. pretty much everything went to poop in my house after baby no 2. it was why can i not control anything??! i love that you went to the store in the middle of the night! hilarious.

Marie HMJ said...

It gets easier with time. Just don't judge the days. Instead, enjoy the moments, find moments of rest, and take lots of pictures. :) Your kids are so cute!!! love, Marie